Past Events

2019 King of the Courts

Congratulations to:
1st place: Greg Amaral
2nd place: Mark Herrera
3rd place: Dave Moon

2019 Butcher Shop

Congratulations to Danny Stevens, Justin Bowman, Chris Kobz and John Barroso of Grandi Palle for taking FIRST Place Saturday. They were undefeated!!!! Slow Train came in second. Rock N Roll third. 

Thank you all so very much for a wonderful day of bocce and your support of Chico Bocce and Slow Theatre. 

2019 Mixed Doubles Tournament

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2019 Mixed Doubles Tournament!

We had a fabulous day of bocce followed by a great dinner at Grana.

1st Place – Kevin & Bree
2nd Place – Michelle & Michael
3rd Place – Denver & Victoria

2019 Spring Roll Blind Draw Tournament

We had 15 teams compete in a full day of good times, amazing plays and sharp competition.

1st: Jewel Cardinet, Denver Latimer, Kelly Murphy & Alicia Silva
2nd: Edith Orejel, Steve Swim, Becky Warren & Karen Washington

2018 Butcher Shop Tournament